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Xpel PRIME window film is the BEST in the industry! Whether you’re looking for an aesthetic upgrade, heat rejection, privacy, or UV protection we have a solution for you. Xpel’s automotive window film is backed with a lifetime transferable warranty against bubbles, peeling, and color fade!


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Which Window Film Is Right For You?

01. Nano Ceramic PRIME XR Black

Ceramic Window Film is designed to provide maximum heat rejection while also blocking over 99% of harmful UV rays to keep you and your interior protected!

  • Protects skin from harmful UV rays
  • Provides up to 85% of infrared heat rejection
  • Dramatically reduces glare
  • Less need to run your A/C

Ceramic film does not need to be dark to keep the heat out! With our 70% Ceramic (Virtually Clear) you can achieve 85% heat rejection without sacrificing visibility.

Lifetime Warranty Against Bubbles, Peeling and Color Fade

02. Traditional Dyed PRIME CS Black

Dyed Window Film is designed for someone who wants to improve the look of their vehicle and add privacy. Keep your personal items out of sight and out of mind!

  • Dramatically reduces glare
  • Keeps you comfortable
  • Looks amazing

Just like our Ceramic Film it will remain looking the same for years to come without ever fading or turning purple.

Lifetime Warranty Against Bubbles, Peeling and Color Fade

Additional Services

Highlight & Taillight Tint

Darken up the lights on your vehicle giving it a more aggressive and custom look, while also providing a level of protection against minor damage.

Ceramic Coating

Add a layer of protection to your vehicles paint to prevent oxidation. The hydrophobic layer makes cleaning effortless!

Paint Protection Film

Protect your investment! Our self healing film, also known as Clear Bra, helps prevent rock chips, scratches, UV Damage, and More!

Window Tint

Whether you are concerned about excessive heat, UV protection, privacy, or aesthetics our window film has got you covered!

Vinyl Wrap

Transform the look of you vehicle with a complete color change! Make your vehicle stand out with complete customization!

Chrome Delete

Cover up your chrome window trim, bumpers, wheels, etc! Whether you want black or a custom color we can get rid of your chrome!

Paint Correction

Restore your vehicle’s paint by removing imperfections from the surface, such as swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation.


"My experience with precision tint was amazing. The employees are genuine, hard working, and do an amazing job. Hayden was super quick to help me when I came into the shop. I will be sending anyone who asks me about window tint to Precision Tint!"
"Wow this place is awesome! I had them do both clear bra and window tinting. They went above and beyond to make sure everything was absolutely perfect!"
"I got my windows tinted here, and Hayden was absolutely amazing to work with. He answered all of the questions I had and was all around super great! If you’re looking for window tint, this is the place to go!"

Protect Your Vehicles

From your average daily driver to your high end luxury vehicle we will get you protected! Our goal from the beginning has also been to provide the best products, service, and quality. Don’t settle for anything except the best!

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