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Elevate Your Vehicle with Chrome Delete at Precision Tint Utah

Transform your vehicle into a sleek, modern masterpiece with Precision Tint’s Chrome Delete services in Utah County. Chrome Delete allows you to personalize your ride by covering chrome trims with high-quality vinyl wraps. Experience the difference and make your vehicle stand out today!

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Chrome Delete

What is Chrome Delete

Chrome Delete is a customization technique that uses vinyl wraps to cover chrome trims on your vehicle. It’s an excellent way to update the look of your car, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical benefits, such as protection for the factory chrome and heat reduction for exterior components.

Why Choose Chrome Delete?


Keep your factory chrome in pristine condition, free from damage and fingerprints.

Heat Reduction

Keep exterior components cooler in the summer for enhanced comfort.

Customized Appearance

Achieve a unique look that reflects your style and sets your vehicle apart.

Popular Chrome Delete Applications

Window Trim: Chrome trim around auto glass, windows, and windshields can detract from your vehicle's appearance. Chrome Delete wraps enable you to choose from matte, satin, or glossy finishes and unique styles, personalizing your vehicle's window trim.

Grille: For those who find chrome grilles too ostentatious, Chrome Delete offers an elegant solution. It allows for an understated, everyday look that enhances your vehicle's front end without the glare of chrome.

Headlight Rings: Automakers often add chrome elements to headlight rings, which can be overbearing. Chrome Delete wraps not only protect your headlights from potential paint or spray damage but also maintain your vehicle's aesthetic integrity.
ceramic coating

Comprehensive Services Beyond Chrome Delete

At Precision Tint, we offer a suite of services designed to enhance and protect your vehicle, each delivered with our hallmark quality and attention to detail:
Window Tint: Reduce heat and UV exposure inside your vehicle while enhancing privacy and security.
Vinyl Wrap: Transform your vehicle's appearance with durable, removable vinyl wraps. Choose from an array of colors and finishes for a truly custom look.
Paint Protection Film: Shield your paint from chips, scratches, and environmental damage with a clear, durable film.
Ceramic Coating: Provide your vehicle with a protective layer that repels water and dirt, making it easier to clean and preserving the shine.
Paint Correction: Restore your vehicle's paint to its original glory by removing imperfections such as swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation.

Why Precision Tint for Chrome Delete

Opting for Chrome Delete at Precision Tint means selecting a service that enhances your vehicle's appearance and offers practical benefits like reducing heat on metal components during hot months and protecting your factory chrome from wear and tear. Our professional application ensures a seamless look that elevates your vehicle's style and distinguishes it from others on the road.

Schedule Your Chrome Delete Service

Ready to elevate your vehicle's style with Chrome Delete? Contact Precision Tint Utah today. Our team is here to transform your ride and ensure it makes a bold statement on the road. Visit us in Utah County and experience the difference quality and professionalism can make in automotive customization.
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Additional Services

Highlight & Taillight Tint

Darken up the lights on your vehicle giving it a more aggressive and custom look, while also providing a level of protection against minor damage.

Ceramic Coating

Add a layer of protection to your vehicles paint to prevent oxidation. The hydrophobic layer makes cleaning effortless!

Paint Protection Film

Protect your investment! Our self healing film, also known as Clear Bra, helps prevent rock chips, scratches, UV Damage, and More!

Window Tint

Whether you are concerned about excessive heat, UV protection, privacy, or aesthetics our window film has got you covered!

Vinyl Wrap

Transform the look of you vehicle with a complete color change! Make your vehicle stand out with complete customization!

Chrome Delete

Cover up your chrome window trim, bumpers, wheels, etc! Whether you want black or a custom color we can get rid of your chrome!

Paint Correction

Restore your vehicle’s paint by removing imperfections from the surface, such as swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation.


"My experience with precision tint was amazing. The employees are genuine, hard working, and do an amazing job. Hayden was super quick to help me when I came into the shop. I will be sending anyone who asks me about window tint to Precision Tint!"
"Wow this place is awesome! I had them do both clear bra and window tinting. They went above and beyond to make sure everything was absolutely perfect!"
"I got my windows tinted here, and Hayden was absolutely amazing to work with. He answered all of the questions I had and was all around super great! If you’re looking for window tint, this is the place to go!"

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